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Countries outside the European Union may apply customs taxes and / or VAT on imports of goods purchased from another country. The amounts of customs duties and VAT on imports are established at the time the shipment enters the country of destination. This could result in additional costs to be paid that are not included in the total price indicated at the time of payment.

Since the threshold for the application of these charges may vary from country to country, it is advisable to contact the customs office or the local tax office for further information. Alternatively, you should consult your local tax advisor for more information.

Please note that BabaStyles is not responsible for the collection or determination of any custom fees or costs derived from VAT on imports.

At the time of delivery, if you have refused to pay the import duties and taxes, the package will be returned to BabaStyles. We'll have to pay taxes for you.

We will not be able to make a second shipment, and your item will be sold to your account. So it will appear again "Available" on the site.

We invite you to consult the issues related to customs and import taxes of the country where the shipment will be made.